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Manuel Plazola Jr. - Christianity, Movies/TV, Police, Politics, and Suicide.

September 26, 2020

Manuel Plazola Jr. is my guest in this podcast. Here are some of the things that we are talking about: Christianity, Movies/TV, Police, Politics, and Suicide.



0:00 Intro

1:41 -> Are you still attending Solid Rock Church?

2:21 -> Are you serving at your current church?

2:57 -> Do you feel bad about not serving?

4:23 -> Has there ever been a point in your life where you hated God?

8:01 -> Would you share some of your thoughts on suicide awareness

11:42 -> What led up to your decision to attempt suicide? Do you think the culture has an affect of people’s decision to commit suicide?

15:47 -> Do you feel that the lyrics in music have an effect on a person’s decision to commit suicide?

20:04 -> In KB’s song “10k”, what does the line “My God doesn’t change with the season” mean to you?

22:00 -> What are your thoughts on the movie “Honey Boy” by Shia LaBeouf?

26:16 -> What’s one of the things that makes or breaks a movie for you?

28:44 -> How do you watch a movie initially? Do you look for good things or do you try to enjoy the movie at first?

31:06 -> Name a favorite characters? What would you ask them?

33:16 -> Do you feel that Movies/TV stereotype cultures? If so, do you think that it would ever change?

37:54 -> Given your experience in theatre, is there a role that you would not take? Or do you know of actors/actresses that do not take roles, because of their religious views?

43:04 -> Has anybody ever not wanted to be your friend, after saying no to something they disagree with?

46:14 -> Do you think Christians should say that they are Christians?

49:47 -> Are Christians allow to cuss?

54:27 -> Do you think that Christians should experience other churches?

58:07 -> What are something that you see happening in the church that you think is inappropriate?

1:04:06 -> What makes a christian a christian?

1:06:52 -> How much of an impact has the bible made in your life?

1:09:27 -> Is there a section in the bible that you recommend for non-christians/christians?

1:11:26 -> Are you still in college for criminal justice?

1:13:32 -> What do you think about defunding the police?

1:17:29 -> Do christians have a role to play in politics?

1:22:44 -> What is one of your favorite leitmotifs in movies?

1:25:39 -> What’s your take on the Joker movie?

1:30:17 -> Why would God let a person murder another person?

1:34:33 -> What do you think happens to a person after committing suicide?

1:39:44 -> With that in mind, do you believe that people have a purpose?

1:44:27 -> Did you know Rick Warren’s son committed suicide?

1:46:28 -> More of Manny’s thoughts on a persons purpose.

1:54:16 -> Manny’s social media links

1:55:52 -> What you tell a younger version of yourself, with all you know now?


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