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These tips come from a question that I recently answered on YouTube. I made a video and a podcast episode out of that answer to help others that may n...View Details

This podcast contains my thoughts on and motivation for my women colleagues, address my users that need help with programming homework, and talks abou...View Details

"Know your worth! You are valuable - Programmer Motivation (Encouragement)" How much do you value yourself and your skill as a programmer? Don't let r...View Details

Stop with the excuses and do. All talk, no work = no success. Get to work! @jesushilarioh

Don't Quit, Because You Don't Understand Programming. Blog post. On YouTube. My Links. @jesushilarioh

Sharing my journey, in vlogs, in becoming a software developer from being a truck driver. The Video. My Links.

5 Tips - Encouragement (Motivation) for Programmers.

Hey y'all, just wanted to encourage you if you've been watching my programming videos. In this podcast I encourage you on your journey in learning to ...View Details

Being Successful

Tips on being successful. Thanks for listening!

Hey y’all, I’ve been noticing a recent amount of comments, and have received some feedback through email, regarding some of y’all using my resources t...View Details

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