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7 Baby Steps - Update: We're currently on 4, 5, and 6!

This is a video reaction while listening to Proverbs 7. Thanks for listening!

My thoughts after reading Proverbs Chapter 5.

Being Successful

Tips on being successful. Thanks for listening!

Here is a bit of my testimony and how I learned to make better decisions in my speech. @jesushilarioh  

Love your own life by being intentional with it! How to stop comparing yourself to others. @jesushilarioh

If you have a strong desire to raise you children well, the Bible has a few pointers that we could take into consideration. I'm a father of one and ha...View Details

In this episode I discuss the #1 reason why married couples fight! Within, this podcast you'll also find a few tips on how to solve this problem! Than...View Details

Ladies, looking for a few pointers on how to find a husband? Here are a few things to look when finding your potential husband.

In this podcast, I'll describe 4 tips on how to find a good wife! In today's society, it is tough finding a spouse. We are riddled with confusion on w...View Details

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