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I often get asked the question, “When can I enjoy my money, while on the 7 baby steps?” when telling others that I am following the Dave Ramsey baby s...View Details

Let's find out if it's possible. There is a common misconception that it is not possible to become a millionaire. Since being out of debt, I'm been re...View Details

I'm talking about learning with money, getting out of debt, and building wealth. @jesushilarioh

Being Successful

Tips on being successful. Thanks for listening!

Do you find yourself having to apologize for wealth? People are happy with you when you are on the same level as them. But, when you begin to change y...View Details

In this podcast, I share some insight into what to expect when creating and maintaining a budget. Having a zero-based budget has helped me and my wife...View Details

"10 Tips To Stop Overspending and Impulse Buying" is an overview of what Dave Ramsey recommends when it comes to not overspending and impulse buying. ...View Details

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