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Ed Foust - 2nd Amendment, Government, Parenting, Debt, Bitcoin, and God

Ed Foust - 2nd Amendment, Government, Parenting, Debt, Bitcoin, and God

October 10, 2020

Ed Foust is my guest in this podcast. Here are some of the things that we are talking about: 2nd Amendment, Government, Parenting, Debt, Bitcoin, and God.

0:00 Intro

0:39 What’s your stance on the 2nd Amendment?

0:51 Why is the 2nd Amendment good for America?

1:31 Is the 2nd Amendment meant to keep Government at bay?

2:21 How much power would the government have is the 2nd Amendment wasn’t in place?

3:53 How has the government interfered with our freedom as Americans, in the past?

6:35 How is freedom dangerous?

7:38 Does government help keep freedom less dangerous?

8:49 Do you think that we are divided as a country?

11:12 Are we not being taught what we should about America and government?

13:19 how important is parent involvement?

14:42 What would you say to those people that think that the mother should be independent?

16:23 What is the fathers influence or role in a child’s life?


19:08 Join the GOA (Gun Owners of America)

19:32 Do you think we should be stacking guns & ammo right now?

20:00 How many guns do you own?

22:37 Who taught you how to shoot a gun?

23:48 Are you gonna teach you kids to shoot a gun?

24:45 CPS should not exist…

25:00 What is a government bureaucracy?

25:26 Other than the CPS, what are some other bureaucracies that exist now?

25:53 So do you think that these bureaucracies hinder American companies from making money?

29:03 So we’re being regulated by bureaucracies to where we’re not making as much money as we should?

29:21 Don’t you wish you could own a farm somewhere and not have to deal with all this nonsense?

29:49 Was there a point when the country was not regulated by bureaucracies? And, how was the country doing at that time?

30:47 What do you think about Donald Trump?

32:55 When it comes to Republicans and Democrats, do you pick a side?

34:40 Talk about what happened in Las Vegas, Nevada?

35:57 Should you be proud to be an American?

36:29 What are you thoughts on racism and black lives matter?

39:01 When it comes to evil and good, what are we to do as fellow countryman to fight it?

40:08 Should money principles be taught in schools or a home?

41:02 Do you think a government should be God centered? Was America ever a God centered country?

44:30 Why is money the root of all evil? Do you think money is evil?

45:59 How did a green bill become our currency?

46:43 Do you invest in Bitcoin?

46:53 What is Bitcoin?

48:40 What else do you invest in?

48:51 Why do you think the stock market is funky right now in 2020?

49:36 Did the stock market go down because of the Corona Virus?

50:25 Is debt good or bad?

51:36 Outro 1

52:09 Outro 2


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